Mother’s Day BBQ: Happy Mother’s Day

It has been a while since I’ve been able to blog. About four weeks ago I went for a quick bike ride with Emma and ten minutes into our ride, I took a jump, wiped out and separated my shoulder. Sheesh the timing could not be worse, right before softball season.
So needless to say, with an arm in a sling it has been difficult to blog. I am actually sitting at Sea-Tac airport in Seattle on a return flight home from Chicago. With a couple of hours to kill, the timing for a long overdue blog post seemed perfect.

I wanted to throw up a belated Mother’s Day post, because really without our moms, where would we be? This year, Tracy and I planned to have our moms over for a Mother’s Day BBQ. This was also Tracy’s first Mother’s Day since Elias was born, so this year was extra special. It has been a great ten months since Eli was born, but it has also been a lot of work. Although I think that it should be Mother’s Day everyday, I wanted to ensure that Tracy had a nice relaxing weekend.

We spent Saturday doing what we typically would do. We get up at about 6:00 am with Eli and I make breakfast for us. Usually breakfast on a Saturday consists of bacon and eggs, tea and toast and some fruit. This Saturday was no exception, we like to call this “The Trucker’s Special” named after the great big breakfasts that you normally see at truck stops in the middle of nowhere. After breakfast, we did a little yard work and clean up then we prepared to go to Emma’s soccer game (I’ll discuss here soccer season in another post…). So our Mother’s Day weekend featured a typical Saturday, which is cool because we love doing that stuff.

Sunday, I got up with Elias, hoping that Tracy would be able to grab an extra hour of sleep. She has been sleeping better, but is still a little sleep deprived, so I like to help out with Eli in the mornings as much as possible. So I woke up at six (Eli was already up of course), changed his diaper, played with him and then got him some breakfast. In the meantime I started on making breakfast for Tracy. I wanted to serve her breakfast in bed. So as Elias was in his highchair, I gave him the task of warning me when he sees mommy coming down the hallway. (Of course he’s only ten months old, so I really had to keep an eye open myself.) Truth of the matter is, after a few minutes Eli started his cooing and ahhing and I noticed that he was looking in the direction of the hallway. Sure enough here comes Tracy, he actually completed his task very well. It was about 6:40 am so the surprise was ruined. That’s ok I managed to have her tea ready and breakfast was only a few minutes away.

I was also able to have her present ready. Tracy is actually really hard to buy for. So this year I decided that she could use a spa treatment, so I managed to get her a gift certificate to one of the local spas that she had been discussing earlier in the week. I know that gift certificates are kind of impersonal, but quite honestly this was the best gift for Tracy because she could decide on the exact services that she wanted. Plus I wanted to get her something that would help her relax and enjoy some “me-time” for herself

After breakfast we got Emma up a little earlier than normal on a Sunday because we wanted to go to the nursery to pick out something for my mom. I wanted Tracy to pick something out as well because she loves flowers and gardening. She managed to pick out a rose bush, something that she has never tried to grow before. The rose bush spawns these beautiful pink roses (which is cool because pink is Tracy’s favorite color). So the trip to the nursery was a great success.

After the nursery, we went back home to put Elias down for his nap. While sleeping, we were able to do some yard work in the back as we had started to redesign our waterfall. We needed a couple of additional rocks to complete the waterfall and managed to find some up behind our house as they have been blasting to clear area for some additional homes.

Next thing you know it, it was time to come in an clean up and prepare for our Mother’s Day BBQ. What a great idea that Tracy had. We invited both of our families as well as Tracy’s sister and her husband. On the menu for our BBQ was:

  • BBQ’s burgers
  • Corn on the cob
  • Tossed salad

For desert, we wanted to do something different and prepared a chocolate fondue where we dipped strawberries, pineapple and vanilla wafers in the chocolate.

Everyone visited and just hung out; the moms didn’t have to lift a finger for a change. Our Mother’s Day BBQ was a success. Our day ended with Tracy and I enjoying a nice relaxing hot tub date. I then had to pack for my trip to Chicago, but I really enjoyed our Mother’s Day weekend. More importantly I think that Tracy enjoyed her Mother’s Day weekend as well. I think that this is the start of a new family tradition.

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