Where To Start…

Crawling, Dropped Nap and Teeth.

Our household just got busier this past week or so. Elias is crawling! And can he ever move fast. In a blink of an eye he is gone. There is no way he will play with his toys, why would he when he has a whole house to investigate and destroy. It is amazing how he can find that one thing hidden way back or under something and manage to get to it and chew it, rip it, throw it. Needless to say my days are spent trailing after him picking up the mess and constantly saying “no”. Which does not go over very well, as the lip starts to quiver and a cry soon follows. We have baby-proofed pretty well, but he always finds something he shouldn’t and I am forced to sternly say “no”. Poor guy! Life is rough!

Eli has also “almost” dropped his morning nap. I cherished this nap more than most anything and now I am having a hard time adjusting myself to accommodate not having this time. I use to use this time to do things like: clean up the house, shower, check emails, blogging and preparing for any outings later that morning. Now I find myself scrambling around trying to do these things while chasing after him and only getting things half done. I think I might have to start getting up before the rest of the house to get these things done. This is a hard change to make as I find sleep a very cherished thing too. Aaahh, parenthood. Gotta love it!

And last but not least… a 1st tooth has finally popped through. A little late at 9.5 months old, but at least he has some. I was starting to think maybe he wouldn’t get any teeth, which I said to my husband might be a good thing after all if Eli is going to play hockey because then he won’t have any to get knocked out. Silver lining in everything. So now I think they are all coming in late and at once. Which it a good thing, I think.

The next week should be a breeze! (knock on wood)

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